Why should you become an advocate for United Way and our partner agencies?

When you speak up, get informed, and educate others—you provide a hand up to someone in need. When you get involved you touch thousands of lives within our four parish area, so stand up and LIVE UNITED.

Whether your contribution is writing a letter to the editor, informing your friends and co-workers to United Way’s mission and outreach, every voice and donation counts.

Speaking up means:

  • One more elderly citizen will receive a meal,
  • One more cancer patient will receive life sustaining medication,
  • More children will experience the joy of scouting,
  • Another person will learn to read, a first step in finding a good job,
  • A woman and her children will find safe shelter and escape an abusive relationship,

The list is extensive and it all begins with you.

Our goal is to provide senior services, literacy, education and rehabilitation, day care and health, substance abuse and violence prevention, youth services, and emergency services to all in need. LIVING UNITED is more than a slogan, it’s all of us working together to create a better future for everyone in our community.