Bayou Council

Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

504 St. Louis Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301
Phone: (985) 446-0643
Fax: (985) 446-0647
Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 12:00PM and 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Our Mission

To evaluate the status of behavioral health issues in the community and to act upon these problems by providing support, referral, resources, and the development of programs which will contribute to the prevention and reduction of these health issues, including but limited to substance abuse.

What is Prevention?

Prevention is a proactive process which empowers individuals to meet the challenges of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles, thereby increasing an individual’s resistance to developing ATODA problems.

How does the Bayou Council meet these challenges …

Alcohol Information School – a court approved program which educates offenders on Louisiana laws concerning DWI, alcohol and drinking abilities, problem drinking and alcoholism, and physiological/psychological effects of alcohol.

Anger Management Program – a six hour course for ages 18 and over and addressing Conflict Management, Understanding Anger, Stress, Building Trust, etc.

Families in Focus Program – an in-home, twelve week family life skills program that addresses seven life coping skills; Communication, Confidence, Fun Decisions, Feelings, Pride, and Values. This allows families to gain control of their own lives, by working with facilitators in this non-therapeutic environment.

Parent Education Program – consists of five sessions which address behavior, discipline, communication, conflict resolution, parental authority, developing responsibility, emotions, feelings, and use/abuse of alcohol and other drugs. It assists parents in developing new ideas and techniques they can utilize in improving relationships with their children.

Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol – a community organizing program designed to reduce adolescents’ access to alcohol by changing community policies and practices. It also communicates a clear message that underage drinking is inappropriate and unacceptable.

SYNAR Program – an environmental program designed to reduce the sale of tobacco to minors by educating vendors concerning the health risks and laws governing the sale of tobacco. If you observe a clerk selling to persons under 18 years old, please call 985-446-0643 to report.

Project Alert Program – an evidence based program for 7th and 8th graders giving students insight, understanding, and actual skills for resisting substance use, addressing tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and inhalants.

Community Awareness – information and referral, resource and lending library of books, videos and pamphlets, provide community presentations and participate in special campaigns.

Media Campaign – strategically placing billboards targeted at educating parents, youth, and vendors on underage drinking laws and consequences.

Alcohol Education Program – a four hour course which educates offenders on Louisiana Laws concerning alcohol and persons under the age of 21 years old.

Our History

Incorporated in 1976
501 (C) (3) Agency (non-profit)
Formerly known as, Bayou Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Our Funding Sources

Department of Health and Hospitals - Personal Health