Team 1 – Senior Citizen Services:

Responding to the needs of the older population by delivering programs and services designed to provide basic needs and emotional support, enabling seniors to maintain independent, dignified lives.

Harvey Authement

Courtney Alcock

Susan Szush

John Clune

Team 2 – Literacy, Education, and Rehabilitation:

Improving the quality of life through tutoring, mentoring, literacy promotion, and life-skill training for those at-risk due to developmental disabilities or lack of educational opportunities. Encouraging learning experiences creates self-contributing members of society.

Diane Yeates


Carolyn Alcock

Jody Waggenspack

Team 3 – Emergency Services:

Providing food, clothing, safe shelter, and utility assistance to those in need, striving to prevent hunger, homelessness, and despair. Additional support is often available for the recovery of natural and man-made disasters.

Darlene Rodrigue


Melanie Ribble

Michelle “Mickie” Rousseau

Team 4 – Health and Child Development:

Addressing the shortfall in life-sustaining medication assistance and alleviating the stress associated with unmet financial burdens for cancer patients. Child development centers provide quality educational programs to give children a strong foundation for success.

JC Dusenbery

Fund Distribution Chair

Heather Harper

Jennifer Holley

Team 5 – Youth Services:

Dedicated to the development of character, confidence, and leadership in our youth, instilling values that create responsible, contributing members of society.

Gary Palmer

President Elect

George Robichaux

Team 6 – Prevention and Rehabilitation, Violence and Substance Abuse:

Education, prevention and referral programs for alcohol and drug abuse educate and promote awareness of substance abuse issues and provide alternatives for unhealthy behaviors. Residential shelters and counseling programs offer safe-havens for victims of domestic violence and advocate violence-free lives. Residential half-way houses provide the opportunity for complete recovery from dependency and a return to productive, addiction-free lives.

Ed Bouterie

Board of Trustees

Clark Currie

Fund Distribution Co-Chair

Janie Block