United Way

South Louisiana


How do I make a Contribution to the Stratford, Connecticut Relief Fund

The following is the instructions needed to give a donation to the United Way for South Louisiana for the Disaster Relief Efforts.

  1. Enroll in MyCheckFree.com by going to Go Scout! Enroll.  Following the instructions with the website.  If you already have an account with MyCheckFree.com, go to Step 2.
  2. Click on Make a Donation on the Sidebar
  3. Enter the following information at the next section then hit the search button.
    –  Name:                United Way For South Louisiana
    –  City:                   Houma
    –  State:                  Louisiana
    –  Primary Cause:   All Categories
  4. A list of organizations will be listed.  Select The United Way for South Louisiana and Click Make A Donation.
  5. Enter the donation amount and which account you want it to come out of.  Continue
  6. Click to pay with Check Free
  7. You will be given a confirmation number.  Your Donation will be sent to the United Way for South Louisiana.