United Way
 for South Louisiana


Mission Statement:
To be recognized as the best caring choice for donors and to provide financial support for local health and human service agencies benefiting our people.

Stories of Success

Chez Hope

Victims Statement

IA cop told us about a place, that I had never heard of.  She told me that they would help me and my children find a shelter and give us help.  That place was Chez Hope.  But they didn’t just give us a place to live, they gave us the stability and security for us when we needed it most.  In the last year I went from worrying about where I would stay with my children, crying worrying if we would have to go back home with our abuser to feeling I know I can take care of us.  Knowing I can have our own home without any screaming or fighting.  And not worrying I will say or do something worrying to cause a fight.

In this last year, a new person, who I didn’t know was here made herself known.  She knows there is a better life.  A better way to raise her children.  A better job she can have to support her children.  A better way to work things out instead of using hurtful words or punches.  And so many other better ways just to live.  Without Chez Hope, I don’t think that person could have existed.  That person is me.

Thibodaux Good Samaritan Food Bank

A man walked into the Thibodaux Good Samaritan Food Bank looking for assistance because he was unemployed and had a family to feed.  After receiving food for he and his family, the food bank did not hear from him again.

Six years later, the man returned to the food bank to say ‘Thank You’ in a very special way.  He donated 400 pounds of ground beef, packaged in family sizes and prepared according to Health Department regulations to be given out to other families in need. 

He remembered how the food bank had helped his family and he wanted to pass along the generosity to others now that he was in a position to be a good Samaritan himself.

Assisi Bridge House

Four residents of Assisi Bridge House have climbed from crack on the streets to the classrooms at Nicholls State University.  Within the year, these men will be graduate from NSU as a social worker, teacher, computer technician and a future chiropractor.  Two years ago they were unemployed addicts with no thought to their future and little hope of recovery.

At the Bridge House, they have learned about commitment, community and change through improved health, reconnecting with their families, clearing up legal problems, learning about relapse triggers, developing a spiritual life and other elements of the Bridge House recovery program while also participating in 12 step recovery programs in the local area.

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